About Totsie

totsie.jpgTotsie Marine has been clicking the shutter since she was two years old. Her love of viewing the world through the viewfinder started when her photographer father handed her a Brownie box camera and told her to push the button when she saw Mommy and Daddy in the little window.

Somehow she convinced her parents to pay for a very expensive education as a BioMedical Photographer at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her plan was to become a scientific photographer and follow Jacques Cousteau all over the world. Instead, after graduation she spent three years taking medical photos at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. She enjoyed and benefited from that experience, but the wide world was calling and she quit to travel extensively in Mexico.

Throughout the years she has photographed people, places and things in her day to day life. She spent a few years in Atlanta doing photo styling - arranging products for advertising photography - and a few years before that in St. Augustine as a freelance photographer - with a few weddings thrown in - but her most satisfying picture taking comes from her daily life.

Since meeting her husband, Winn King, in 1987, they have enjoyed traveling together, exploring roads, towns and countries as they go. Totsie began a Website Design business in 1996 and ten years later, Winn joined her in the business. Included in their family is Jazz, a Havanese breed dog, which has brought liveliness, humor and inspiration to the household.

This website is intended to grow - both backwards to archive previous work - and forwards for whatever comes next. 

Since 2011 Totsie, Winn and Jazz have lived in Boquete, Panama, Cuenca, Ecuador and are now in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.


I knew you were a good photographer, but I am very impressed with the look of the website - it is clean easy to navigate and the images are well placed. Jazz is indeed very cute, reminds a bit of Don, but the other images show me once again that when you look, you look beyond, maybe one day we can compare images from Positano if i ever get as organized as you are with that beautiful website - congrats


You are simply amazing - what an eye for the unusual and a talent for capturing the world around you! Viewing your sideshow is like stepping into another place and time. Please sign me up for your site updates, I love seeing where you've been and the roads you've taken along the way!


How often does a website thrill you? This does!


Thanks for your blog. I noticed you visited the Trulli in Alberobello. This town is not far from my parent's birth village Vieste in Puglia, Gargano peninsula. Love all your pictures. You should publish a coffee table book based on your travels. Good luck in Panama....you and Noriega are both heading there. Frank DiMauro


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