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Noche Latina jacket

This all cotton jacket is soft and cozy. For the warp I used bold latin colors so for the weft I chose black, cream and some leftover gold and green threads.

Size: Large to Extra-large
Fiber: 100% Peruvian cotton

Woven, Designed and Sewn by Totsie Marine in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

black and white fibonacci Pattern Shawl

I had heard about using the Fibonacci sequence in weaving so decided to try it. I used only the sequence 3 5 8 13 21 and alternated the black and white threads.

Size: 25" x 88"
Fiber: 100% Peruvian cotton

Woven by Totsie Marine in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Raspberry Cropped Top with Fringe

A cute playful cropped top in rich raspberry tones. I especially like the drop pocket and fringes.

Fiber: 100% cotton
Size: Small to Medium

Some threads hand-spun by Zoila, Dyed, Woven and Designed by Totsie Marine in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Woodland Shawl

An experiment using store-bought variegated threads for the warp (which you can see in the fringe). For the weft I used gray and three earthy colors that I hand dyed. The irregular tones of the warp make an interesting texture when crossed with the solid colors.

Fiber: 100% Peruvian cotton

Size: 25"w x 66"l

Dyed and Woven by Totsie Marine in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

purple & Pink patterned shawl

This was an experiment to see how using store-bought variegated threads would look combined with solid colors and solid white warp. I like the resulting patterns and chunky white warp braids.

Fiber: Peruvian cotton

Size: 26"x 76"

Woven by Totsie Marine in Vilcabamba, Ecuador