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HI, I'm Totsie Marine, I began weaving Saori-inspired textiles in 2013 when I retired from my web design business. My first loom was a Japanese Saori. When I decided to learn 4 shaft weaving I got a LeClerc Artistat loom and then I got a Louet David loom. I now am enjoying an 8 shaft Macomber loom that is 45" wide which gives me more options than I have time to investigate but each project is full of interest and learning. I am now living in a small pueblo called Vilcabamba in the Southern Andes of Ecuador.

I have used wool and acrylic but I prefer to weave in cotton. Since there is not a good supply of commercial cotton yarn in my area I am growing cotton in my garden. I also buy raw cotton from other locals. The cotton is spun by several different women in this region which used to have a cotton industry. I also dye the threads to suit the project. Click here to see weavings available for sale.

Here are a few photos of my favorite projects over the years...

multicolorshawl1.jpg whitebrowncottonshawl.jpg
greenyellowshawl.jpg purpleblueshawl.jpg
blueshawl.jpg paintedwarpscarf.jpg
elisabethtotsiepatricia.jpg totsielouannedorothy.jpg
anne.jpg dorothy.jpg
sisterjanet.jpg winn.jpg
val.jpg tura.jpg
suzan.jpg nancyk.jpg
marilyn.jpg roger.jpg
janeta.jpg amy.jpg
bateman.jpg scarves.jpg
greenblackponcho.jpg multiblueponcho.jpg
seaweedponcho.jpg salmonponcho.jpg
whitebouclenavyponchette.jpg bluewhite-vponchette.jpg
bluegoldvest.jpg blackwhitejacket.jpg
greenbouclejacket.jpg brownorangejacket.jpg
eveningwrap-front.jpg sweaterwrap-front.jpg
goldscarf-full.jpg sakiorishawl.jpg
cottonlinenlongscarf.jpg greensilklinenscarf.jpg
peachwhitedress.jpg bluegoldshawl.jpg
karensshawl.jpg greensalmonshawl.jpg
blackwhitediamondshawl.jpg quitojacketopen.jpg
fibonacishawl.jpg redrusticscarf.jpg
purpleblouse.jpeg blackvestkaren.jpeg
purplevest.jpg purpleshawl.jpg
greenshawl.jpg fiestajacket.png
conniefringefront.jpeg judy-cape.jpeg
squaredancejacket.jpg pinkcrpdvest.jpg
12ftscarf.jpg turquoisedress.jpg
reddressfront.jpg vest-winn-front.jpg
3shadesofgray.jpg fmyfront.jpg
johnnieruana.jpg beachshirtfront (1).jpg
feria (1).jpg
mungbeanthreads (1).jpg
straps (2).jpg
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