Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.

The Case of the Slippery Warp

My most recent experience with fine thread turned out so nice  (see previous post) that I felt confident buying other fine threads. But I learned that there is a lot of difference between un-mercerized threads, that I am used to using, and mercerized threads which are shiny and more slippery. So after finding that the warp was slippery, I changed gears, chose a heavier cotton and wool for the wefts and came up with 3 different samples on the same 5ft. warp. 

I also decided to incorporate a wonderful linen woven ribbon that was gifted to me. This is the fanciest and most beautiful thread I have ever used - Kestral from Quince and Company, made in Italy. As you can see, just a little bit of a specialty thread can make a project pop.