Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.

Winter to Spring in 5 hours

Winn, Jazz and I have moved from the cold winter of Cuenca to the eternal spring of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. The drive is 5 hours long and a world away. We decided to move rather spontaneously when we visited Vilcabamba in June for our 28th anniversary. We began to realize how much the city pollution had taken its toll on us when we both got sick and had a hard time getting well a few months ago. On the advice of our naturopath we changed our diet and moved away from the pollution of the city.

We are happily settled in an artistic house with a million dollar view. This picture of us in our front yard was taken the first evening:

Another wonderful thing that happened is that we connected with a new arts group - Arte Intercultural Vilcabamba - in the first week and already I have done one show with them. This coming Sunday is an even bigger social and cultural event in downtown Vilcabamba. At the AIV booth I will be demonstrating how to weave on my SAORI loom and inviting the public to weave a few inches. The result will be a community-made banner. I am looking foward to this experience and will post pictures after the event.