Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.

Getting back into Wool!

Now that it is getting colder here in Cuenca, I've pulled out my leftover wool from last year. The wool I bought was already dyed and there were three colors that were too bright for my tastes so I decided to overdye them. I love the results and I learned a lot. The biggest surprise was when I overdyed the bright lime green with Golden Poppy it turned to a nice ochre color. The bright red dyed with Peacock Blue became a more interesting rich burgundy and the international orange wool became more rich and beautiful with the Golden Poppy dye.

The warp was all string and I dyed it light gray with the True Black dye.

Here is the thread on the line after dyeing:

and here is the fabric I wove from all the threads:

This is one of the largest pieces of cloth I have made - 19" x 240". It was the full width of the loom (23 1/2 inches) but it shrank to 19" wide after wet finishing at the commercial laundry. I think I will make a short poncho and some Town Bags from this fabric....we will see....