Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.

Dyeing Cotton

I decided to start dyeing my thread to give my weavings a unique look. After Rommie's class last year I understood the basics, plus after reviewing procedures from different online sources,  I decided to go for it so I bought a set of Proscion Dyes from Dharma Trading.

Here in Cuenca there is a company called PASA that makes cotton and rayon thread. I bought a cone of their 30/6 cotton and divided it into many small hanks so I could experiment with colors. Here are the 14 colors I ended up with:

This is the warp created with some of these threads:


Then I wove it with the same threads using the smallest reed I have. It came out light and airy:


And here is the cropped vest I made with the fabric: