Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.


Here is my very first SAORI clothing. Working with two seamstress friends (hugs to Evelyn and Johnnie) this is the result:

I wove the cloth, used in the front and sides, in the Sakiori style which means incorporating strips of other clothing in the weft. I used my old blue and white caftan and two other shirts found at a garage sale along with strips of plain weave.

Johnnie noticed that the back could be done as one continuous piece that drapes over the shoulders in front and falls in waves down the back with minimal attachments to the side panel so the back panel floats when I walk which makes it fun to wear!

I am very encouraged by this first piece and will have fun wearing it to the Boquete Jazz Festival later this month. Now I need to get busy on the wall hanging that I will enter in the Jazz Art Show!

This is a unisex vest. My husband, Winn, looks great and could wear this while playing his banjo or mandolin.

Neighbor Sidney really has the shoulders for this vest.