Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.

Companion Pieces

Since I am just beginning to figure out what length and width of fabric I need for clothing, I have gone back to my first piece I made with the SAORI black warp that came on the loom to create a companion piece that will complement it and give me more cloth to work with.

I see that by making the warp with the weft threads of the original, that the companion piece looks like the same family but with different personalities. As you can see in the picture below, the original weaving on the black warp (in the back) has a quiet muted feeling compared to the companion piece (in front) which is relatively wild and loose and bright. I'm looking forward to figuring out an outfit with these two pieces which both represent some aspect of me.

In the meantime, Winn, my husband, has asked for straps for his two banjos and one mandolin. His brother is going to make a music video of him, so straps are my next project. Of course straps are usually done on an inkle loom but I think I can make what he wants. More on that soon.....