Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.

Unwrapping the Loom

The Loom has finally arrived! A month seems like forever when you are waiting for a delivery in Panama.

Lucky for me, the loom was already put together by Mihoko at SAORIWorcester in Massachusetts. She just shipped it on down to me and had the rest of my order drop shipped from SAORI Japan.

My first palette chosen from 47 different cones of color!

My first palette chosen from 47 different cones of color!

I am so excited about the thread. I got regular fine cotton, loopy cotton and tussah silk in lots of colors. Mihoko says I can use them all together in weavings. I plan to make clothes for myself from the fabric I weave. Gentle washing and air drying is recommended so that will be a bit more work than I usually do with clothes but of course this is unique cloth that I will have more invested in than just money...this will be cloth that I actually create myself!


Here is the loom sitting in my office/loom room. I have a lovely room with big windows on two sides and nice views out each direction. The walls are pink on top and blue on bottom with a strip of handpainted flowers running around the room. I just lucked into this room when we rented this house. It had been painted for a little girl before I got here. I like it just fine.

Now to begin.....