Weaving SAORI style

A beginner's weaving experience with the SAORI weaving loom.

The Case of the Slippery Warp

My most recent experience with fine thread turned out so nice  (see previous post) that I felt confident buying other fine threads. But I learned that there is a lot of difference between un-mercerized threads, that I am used to using, and mercerized threads which are shiny and more slippery. So after finding that the warp was slippery, I changed gears, chose a heavier cotton and wool for the wefts and came up with 3 different samples on the same 5ft. warp. 

I also decided to incorporate a wonderful linen woven ribbon that was gifted to me. This is the fanciest and most beautiful thread I have ever used - Kestral from Quince and Company, made in Italy. As you can see, just a little bit of a specialty thread can make a project pop.

My 100th Warp & All My Heddles

I decided for my 100th weaving project that I would use the smallest thread I have ever used and I would use all 720 heddles on my 36 inch Leclerc loom for the first time. For the warp I used undyed 8/2 cotton which is typically used for dish towels.  For the weft I dyed several shades of blue green that look like seaweed colors to me. The resulting Seaweed Shawl had double warp threads (720) which I found out muted the dyed weft threads.  So for my next project with the dyed threads, I used only 360 warp threads which allowed the dyed weft threads to be more brilliant.


Growing Cotton in Ecuador and a Mystery Seed

The cotton has been growing now since October 2016. The plants are much taller and fuller now and producing well but I have one mystery to solve. I got Virginia green cotton seeds from a friend but so far those plants only produce white cotton. I wonder where the green cotton is? Could it be a nutritional problem? Scroll through the pictures to see the lovely green covered seeds that produce white cotton. I would love to hear from anyone with insight into this situation.

A Super Long Shawl for a Super Dear Woman

A friend in England asked for this super long shawl in her favorite colors of pink, purple and blue. I had fun playing with the different patterns that I can make on my 4 heddle loom. I'm still learning but I realize that learning never ends especially in the deep world of weaving.

Visit to a Backstrap Weaver in Otovalo, Ecuador

My husband and I recently visited Otovalo and Quito, Ecuador to celebrate our 30 years together. We were lucky to find Miguel Andrango, age 83, in his studio just outside of Otovalo. Miguel and some of his children are highly respected in the traditional backstrap loom weaving style and they give classes in their workshop. If you want to visit, it would be best to call ahead. More info below the pictures.

Tahuantinsuyo Weaving Studio
Agato, Otovalo, Ecuador
Master Weaver Miguel Andrango
Phone 0988091055 o 0999574567


Growing Cotton in Ecuador

i'm starting to see the results of planting cotton about 9 months ago. There have been some pest issues (see pictures) but overall it feels very successful and it is just getting started. I planted the local white cotton, and three varieties from Virginia that are naturally white, brown and green. I haven't see any green cotton yet.